Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ya boy is back

Much Love to everyone that made it out last night. For those of you that missed it; ie Janine, Ray Medina, Thugish Rugish Bone, Wes, Schtick, Jenny 6train, and Nicolatina you're officially on blast. The Grasshopa has learned to fly. I paced for hours reciting all this shit. I delivered with confidence and had fun with it, which I hadnt in a while. It was a great feeling to be invited but to actually rock the set out and have people feel satisfied, that meant the world to me. It was the first time I felt like I gave ya'll everything. And you gave me back much love. Thank you all for your inspiration, for your guidance, for your snobbery and hateration that has made me more critical of what quality work should be like. Thanks to ass and toes. Thanks to Eliel for the collabo and the friendship. It was the hit of the night and I got a lot of great feedback about how well we compliment each other. We put it down son. See you guys at home. Oh PS. I forgot to mention that just because the monthly's arent going down anymore at my apt doesnt mean yall cant come thru and get scudded for no apparent reason.

Till the cops come knockin

Everybody, rock rock on. Thanks to all of you that made it out to Nina's Deal at the Warren Commission. I just found out last night that she managed to make an exit prior to Five, Ohh arriving on the scene. We were shut down a bit early but it safe to say we set the party off. So, I guess it's the end of an era. boo hoo..... YEA RIGHT MUTHEL FLOWELS WC is going on the road next show June 25 at B1 in midtown. Direx and info coming soon.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Warren Commision

So 2 installments later and people are still looking forward to coming back for more. Ju want more... say ello to my leetle fren..... Nina Nuyorican One Mo Gen this event says good by to an Acenta. I don't know if you'll read this love but you'll be missed. To all those that are coming, BYOSS (B.YO. sump'n sump'n and one of those sumpn may be a gift or something to share (like booze mixers or munchies) with the lady of the hour. ) I've had a great deal of fun in arranging and hosting these events. Special thanks to Eliel working the Bar. Dj 3rd Rayl backing me up in the booth and SynonymUS on Groove. Shout outs to all my appointed generals that help me keep the party in line. love love love. Please feel free to offer suggestions on how to make these events better in the comments section.

7 days

That's right... there are seven days between now and then. Between the past and a milestone. Between I ain't seen him spit in a while and... Yo son, Geko Jones is on some other shit. New styles developed. Stronger Kung Fu. Chi properly aligned with the sun, moon and stars for me to rock Bar 13 next Monday for my uppercase.. I'm bringing back a couple oldies and alot of the newer stuff. I'm confident in the set. There is flow. There is diversity. There is rhythm. I want to take the time out to everyone who has given me notes on what I could better, especially O, Eliel and Roger. To everyone else who sent me an exercise... I think you. I will drop you that poem in the near future so keep your ears pealed. Looking very much forward to May 23rd, a young grasshopper, still growing.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

better than 15 bucks

On the charge of neglecting my blog I plead guilty. Rich my thanks to you for reminding me I have one. So this past Friday I tried my luck at slamming again for the first time since scoring a 0.4 at the new hotness slam at the 13 last year. It was different for me because i usually go up knowing my shit and I read two off the page. In addition (mind you these are not disclaimers I'm just journaling) two of the pieces I had never slammed with and only read once. I was going up against pieces that (a)were well rehearsed but (b) I heard before and I knew more or less what the scores would go like. It's in no way a discredit to the nuyo but my impression is that the audience is often full of tourists and folks who want to test the waters so they are more easily amused than folks that go out a lot. Rhyme scheme scores well there, I know from experience. As I've grown I've ventured away from there to try new things and that's what i brought to the stage that night. New styles. I was true to self and that's something that I've truly learned from my Acentos crew. Now there were a couple of pieces i liked from the folks I was up against but I gotta say by and large the body of works that you would hear at Acentos or 13 would typically be more challenging. Like anything I chalk it up to experience and I know I need to edit some of the pieces I brought out if I'm going to slam. Also on returning to Nuyo I know now that if I'm gonna play to win at Nuyo then I'm gonna have to bring back the polished rhyme scheme works to get the scores I need. I fought myself not to that this time around and I'm glad I didn’t. I would of felt like a sell out because I intended on doing stuff I never spit there and checking scores and secondly because after my second piece "the ode to the poom poom" Miguel Algarin came by and gave up the props for coming up with the new latino hotness, and that my friends was worth a lot more than the 15 bucks for first place. PS- I would like it known that I feel like a walking pangus for not making it up to Maria's this weekend for dinner. I had trouble on the home front involving police threats for making a mixtape for the party. What poets life is complete without drama?

Friday, August 13, 2004

manana es sabado

So I get to do my first mini-set this weekend at the brecht forum. It's for a organization of South Asian activists that are in town from all over the county. I'm housing two girls at the apartment which, in hind-sight, was an unnecessary stress on my relationship. One chick was really dope though, indian and Chilena and she spoke spanish. I tried reaching Juancho because apparently they know each other. Hopefully, I'll put in a better performance this week. Lately, I've been so focused on putting new shit out there that I haven't emphasized my performance enough. I'm trying to step that up a notch too. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 09, 2004

NO RNC in my NYC

So thanx to OB I got to do 2 fundraisers for No RNC Video. The first at Bowery and the latter at the Nuyo. As a result they were able to raise 500 duckets. It was my first time hearing Papoleto, and let me tell you this man is one of the founders of this shit for a reason. Being my own tuffest critic my performances on Sunday sucked but I eeked by and for whatever cool points I lost to myself the new work was well received. I've been on a kick trying to do some stuff outside of my usual style... not biting... neva that..... Just lookin to expand the repetoire. I pulled out a short piece from last year that never got any mic time and I was happy with it. going to 13 and acentos this week then doing a benefit for the Youth Solidarity Summer on saturday at the Brecht Forum... my first paid feature! I'm really psyched. Lookin forward to the stories from the nats and plannin to tag along next year so I can get a good listen to how North Cacallaca was in first place after the first night?!? Rice and Peace to my peeples. Raj

Thursday, August 05, 2004

turn off ya tv sets get on your marx

GOOD NEWS, my people, I bring you good news. I bring you THE news. Not not new news or old news, but it's fuckin relevant. When you hear the news you might even say you knew it would happen, but not because you heard it on channels 5, 9 or 11. You can't even get this news on CNN. This is fresh news and you heard it here, first. Hot off the press exclusive, this news scoops like ice cream and I'm so excited I'm not even sure I'm ready to share it. So you ready for the news? I got a blog.

Monday, June 14, 2004

2k4 Compliance

I was feeling out dated reading everybody's latest on blogs. It was like you guys were all driving big body benzes while I was whippin a busted El Camino. Kinda forced me to step up my game. Stay tuned for more words on Spoken Blurred.